The History of the Shefford Fireworks Appeal

The Shefford Fireworks Appeal Fund was formed by a group of like-minded Shefford residence to creat a local event at a reasonable cost to attend and to raise funds for other local groups. 

Over the last 20 plus years which our volunteer group has been together we have raised and donated 10’s of thousands of pounds to local groups including the Scouts, Shefford Saints and Shefford Christmas Lights to name but a few helping to keep these groups going in the community.

Although over the previous years to keep the cost of attending the event at a reasonable cost to all, we have been unable to donate as high a figure to the local community groups as our costs to stage the event rise.We are pleased to say that despite the adverse weather the 2013 event received greater support than the previous year, although not quite raising enough funds to cover the cost of the 2014 display which will be held on 8th November 2014.

This year Shefford Saints Football Club raised funds at the display through providing the BBQ and Shefford Lower School PSA have raised funds through both our joint Mug Design Competition and selling glow sticks at the display. We have also made donations to The Shefford Scout Group and The Shefford Christmas Lights.  

We all hope you join us on the 8th November 2014 for our Bonfire and Fireworks Display.


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