Thank you to everyone that came to the 2017 Bonfire and Fireworks display and also a thank you to all the volunteers which made the display happen and the businesses which helped us along the way, especially the landlords of the White Hart Hotel and the Brewery Tap for permitting the use of their grounds for the display.

We are very pleased to say that several community groups in Shefford which work hard to provide other local events and activities have received donations from the funds raised in 2017 totalling over £1000

There is also more GOOD NEWS, this year the Fireworks display has a new home. The 2018 display will take place at the STMA in Shefford, keeping the community event within the town. This move although brought about by the sale of the land which the display has taken place on for over 25 years will be a great move for all. Both the organisers and those who come to veiw the display giving more viewing area and improved site facilities whilst maintaining ease of access to the display ground with the added bonus of supporting the STMA a facility run for the community.

As usual more details will be posted later in the year of the 2018 display here and advertisement posters will be placed around the town.

So please keep Saturday 3rd of November 2018 free to come along and help us Support Shefford Community groups and causes.



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